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Molded and Custom Fabricated Non-Asbestos Brake Linings

Potter Associates, Inc.' leads the way in molded and custom fabricated brake linings, providing top quality customer service and fast, effective results. We visit customers directly, taking measurements, making assessments, and providing full solutions, replacing your old, asbestos brakes with new, non-asbestos linings. Using a variety of materials (metallic filled, non-metallic filled, non-ferrous, and non-asbestos composite) and shapes, including curved, round, flat sheet, and special shapes, our non-asbestos brake linings are the best in the business. They feature such superior qualities as low wear and low abrasion and excellent fade resistance, and are suitable for a variety of functions, from industrial rotating equipment to tensioning devices. For use in mining, construction, manufacturing, and much more, with a large variety of volume capabilities, Potter Associates promises the highest quality brake linings at the best prices. See below for more details, and please contact us with any questions.


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Molded and Custom Fabricated Non-Asbestos Brake Linings
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Non-Asbestos Brake Linings Capabilities

Process Molded
Custom Fabricated
Non-Asbestos Composite
Metallic Filled
Non-Metallic Filled
Form / Shape
Flat Sheet
Half Circle
Woven Roll
Rigid Molded Blocks
Special Shapes
Custom Fabricated Parts
Metal Inserts
Special Grooving
Tapered Shapes
Medium or High Friction
Low Wear
Low Abrasion
Excellent Fade Resistance
Length Up to 30 in
Width Up to 24 in
Thickness Up to 2 in
Coefficient of Friction Molded lining available with C.O.F. .12 to .60
Woven linings available with C.O.F.s .39 to .55
Intended Applications
Industrial Rotating Equipment
Power Take-Offs
Punch Presses
Overload and Tensioning Devices
Disc Brake
Additional Services Reverse Engineering
Volume Prototype to Large Volume
Lead Time 2 to 3 weeks

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