If you want the best in custom o-rings, then Potter Associates, Inc. is a great choice. With over 4,000,000 o-rings in stock, including a large selection of FDA o-rings, we will fulfill any o-ring need you might have. At Potter, we carry o-rings of all different sizes including standard American sizes (-001 thru -475), and all the European Metric sizes. We also offer our customers o-rings made of over 100 different materials and compounds. We are experts in specialized services like custom kits, color coding o-rings, special packaging and many different types of OEM replacement seals and kits We also have the capability to supply Spliced and Vulcanized O-Rings of any thickness and size.

No matter the size of your order, Potter Associates will manufacture and deliver the best U.S. standard, metric, spliced, vulcanized and custom o-rings in the industry.

To learn more about our many o-rings products, please see the details below. If you want information about our other services, please contact Potter Associates.

Click here to view our US Standard O-Ring Sizing Chart

American & European Sized O-Rings Capabilities


  • Over 4,000,000 O-Rings in stock
  • Spliced & Vulcanized O-Rings
  • O-Ring Cord Stock Available
  • Large FDA O-Ring Inventory
  • U.S. & Metric O-Ring Sizes available
  • Aerospace & Military Approved Spec O-Rings and Compounds
  • Bonded Seals (Metal Bonded to Rubber Seal)
  • Wide range of O-Ring Durometers available
  • Over 100 different O-Ring material compounds to choose from
  • Color Coding O-Rings and Special Packaging for O-Rings available
  • O-Rings Kits and O-Ring Warehouse Kits Available
  • Replacement OEM O-Rings available
  • Back Up Rings (Single turn and Spiral)
  • Quad Rings
  • Square Rings
  • Rock Hard Adapters Available

US Standard O-Rings      

Metric O-Rings 

European, German, Japanese, and French, Many Diameters Available, and in Most Compounds

Spliced & Vulcanized O-Rings     

Rings Available in Most Compounds, All US & Metric Cord Stock Diameters, Custom Profiles and Shapes, PTFE Coating, FDA Compounds

Custom Shapes & Profiles            

Square, Rectangular, Quad Style, Tubing O-Rings, Large Diameter Cord, Custom Shapes, U.S. & Metric Cord Diameters

O-Ring Kits         

Standard, Metric, Splicing, Boss, Tube Fitting, Warehouse OEM Replacement, Hydraulic 90 Durometer, Custom Kits Available

Bonded Seals  

Metal Bonded To Steel Washer Seal.   Click HERE (PDF - 5074KB) for Bonded Seal Information & Sizing Chart

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Potter Associates is your premier distributor of O-Rings. We have a wealth of expertise and experience being passed down by generation. To learn more about a specific service or product we have for your application, go ahead and request a quote to see what we can do! Still have some questions? Potter has you covered! Feel free to fill out a contact us form and we will respond promptly.