Potter Assoc Founder


Potter Associates, Inc. was founded in 1964 by M. Bruce Potter, a long-time Garlock Packing employee, with more than 25 years of sales experience. With our base operation in Rochester, New York, we have continued to expand over the last 44 years. We currently do business throughout the United States and many foreign countries. We offer exceptional customer service and experience and we pride ourselves on our immediate response. When you call into Potter, you will be speaking to one of our trained staff, never a voice mail. We are in constant communication with our sales force to ensure your orders are filled promptly and correctly.

Potter Associates is committed to maintaining a large inventory which enables us to ship the same day and reduce your downtime. We always work closely with engineering and maintenance staff as well as purchasing agents to solve your problems. We truly value our customer relationships and are committed to providing you with the best possible service. We look forward to the opportunity to gain your trust and confidence.

Company History

Potter Associates, Inc. was founded in 1964 by Marlin Bruce Potter Jr., a long time Garlock Packing Company Vice President.  He left Garlock after 26 years of working there having obtained and held the position of North Eastern Regional Sales Manager.  Both Bruce’s two sons had graduated college and pursued other career paths by this time, so he started the company on his own and he hired some great young talent to run the daily operations with him. 

Fast forward to the early 80’s when Bruce suddenly pasted away.  The family had to decide what to do with Dad’s business.  At that time Bruce’s wife Edna and her two sons Marlin and Jim, decided to keep the business open and all three of them oversee the business as combined owners.  It was around this time that two of Bruce’s grandchildren became interested in working there part time after school and summer vacations. Both Steffen and Kim Potter started working for the company out back in the shipping and receiving department.  They both slowly worked their way throughout the company holding almost every position available to learn the business.  After graduating college Kim started working in the office upgrading the company in all aspects of technology and efficiency and inventorying parts.  At that time, the fax machine and new computers and computer operating systems were replacing old antiquated ways of doing business.  When Steffen graduated he went into sales and began his path in outside sales for the company.

As time passed, all three owners retired from the business.  Steffen and Kim transitioned into their new leadership roles as the 3rd generation owners of the company.  Since then Steffen and Kim have moved the company into a new larger 16,000 Sq. Ft. facility that houses all our offices and warehouse in one location, still located in Rochester, NY.  They have increased the product offerings and our capabilities to support the growing needs of the markets we serve.  They have also doubled the sales force to accommodate the expanding markets around Potter Associates, Inc.     


Company Officers:

Steffen Potter - President, Owner
Kim Potter Young - President, Owner