Brake Linings

Found in brake systems, brake linings are friction materials that are critical to the braking process. At Potter Associates, Inc., we sell a variety of brake lining materials for industrial manufacturing markets. Decades of experience supplying US-made, non-asbestos molded and custom-machined brake linings has made us a known and trusted provider. We offer brake linings in a wide range of materials and shapes to accommodate numerous brake systems.

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What are Brake Linings?

Brake linings are friction materials used for braking. In a brake system, pistons press the brake linings against rotating brake drums, forcing the rotation to slow and eventually halt. Linings exert significant force on brake drums to stop rotation and must be made from high-quality friction materials. At Potter, we partner with trusted manufacturers to supply brake linings made from numerous friction materials, including:

  • Non-Asbestos Composite
  • Metallic Filled
  • Non-Metallic Filled
  • Non-Ferrous

Features of Brake Linings

Numerous styles of brake linings are crafted for various results. Low-wear and low-abrasion linings are designed for longevity and require low maintenance, helping reduce long-term costs while ensuring smooth braking performances. Medium-friction or high-friction brake linings offer stronger support for harsh or repeated braking. Brake linings with excellent fade resistance qualities are protected against heat buildup to avoid losing friction abilities, ensuring consistent, reliable braking.

Friction Material Shapes

Potter supplies brake linings in a wide selection of shapes to accommodate various brake systems. Friction material shape options include:

  • Curved
  • Flat Sheet
  • Round
  • Half Circle
  • Woven Roll
  • Rigid Molded Blocks
  • Specialty Shapes

Custom Fabricated Brake Linings

Brake linings can be crafted to highly specific parameters. Molding and custom fabrication processes create precision linings designed for individual needs. Additionally, specialty compositions and accessories are available to enhance your linings or complete your brake systems. Custom fabricated parts for brake linings include:

  • Metal Inserts
  • Special Grooving
  • Slots
  • Tapered Shapes

Industries Served

At Potter, we specialize in distributing premium industrial products and parts to multiple industries, including:

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