Brake Linings

Potter Associates, Inc. sells a variety of brake lining materials for the industrial manufacturing markets.  For decades now, Potter Associates has supplied US US-made non-Asbestos molded and custom machined brake linings.  We sell metallic-filled, non-metallic-filled, non-ferrous, and non-asbestos composite materials in shapes including curved, round, flat, special shapes, and sheets.

Non-Asbestos Brake Linings Capabilities



Custom Fabricated


  • Non-Asbestos Composite
  • Metallic Filled    
  • Non-Metallic Filled
  • Non-Ferrous

Form / Shape    

  • Curved
  • Flat Sheet
  • Round
  • Half Circle           
  • Woven Roll
  • Rigid Molded Blocks
  • Special Shapes

Custom Fabricated Parts               

  • Metal Inserts
  • Special Grooving              
  • Slots
  • Tapered Shapes


  • Medium or High Friction
  • Low Wear           
  • Low Abrasion
  • Excellent Fade Resistance