Bonded Seals

The Bonded Seal is a synthetic rubber sealing member that is bonded with heat and pressure to a washer. The flexing of the sealing lips under pressure provides a positive and leakproof seal against a wide range of fluids.  The face-to-face sealing of the permit eliminates groove cutting or special machining and reduces bolting torque.  Bonded Seals are suitable for use with mineral oils, water, gases, and many other fluids.  The temperature range varies according to the particular application.  Bonded Seals are available in several configurations of Rubber Sealing elements and several options for the metal-backed washer.

Bonded Seal Capabilities

  • Efficient and reliable means of face sealing at high and low pressures
  • Positive and Leakproof sealing action
  • Reduction in bolting torque

Sizes Available in

  • American Standard
  • European Metric(German, French, Japanese)
  • BSP sizes

Rubber Compounds Available

  • Nitrile
  • Buna
  • Viton
  • EPDM
  • Silicon
  • Aflas

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