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Thordon Non-Metallic, Water-Lubricated Bearings

Manufactured by Thordon, Potter Associates, Inc.' water-lubricated, non-metallic bearings are an environmentally-friendly product leading the way in innovation and forward thinking design. We provide a large variety of bearings, including guide bearings, roller bearings, wicket gate bearings, linkage bearings, and more, and Thordon's high quality products last up to 15 years-an industry breakthrough. These exceptional bearings are pollution-free, have high pressure capacity, high resilience and impact resistance, promote noise reduction, are easily machined and installed, and feature full class society approvals. Having led the way in the maritime industry, Thordon bearings are also appropriate for use in the hydroelectric, mining, industrial, maintenance, pulp & paper, water & wastewater, power generation, and vertical pump industries, with many varying applications and functions.

Our proprietary Thordon bearings are self-lubricating and can be run on a dry start-up, so they eliminate the need for oil and protect the environment in the process: all while providing the very best quality and performance at competitive prices. Please see below for more information, and contact Potter Associates with any questions.


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Thordon Bearings
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Non-Metallic Bearing Capabilities

Bearing Types
Wicket Gate
Wear Pads
Servo-Motor / Servo-Link
Segmented Shaft Seals
Runner Wear Rings
Manufacturer THORDON
High Resilience / Impact Resistance
Low Operating Friction
High Abrasion Resistance
Easily Machined and Installed
Corrosion / Chemical Resistance
Accommodates Edge Loading
Noise Reduction
Sizing Flexibility / Easily Machined
High Pressure Capacity
Full Class Society Approvals
Long Life
Water or Oil Lubrication
Bearing Materials
Wear Capabilities Chart N/A
Outside Diameter .125 to 24 in
Width Up to 30 in
Maximum Temperature See Abrasive Rate Chart for individual material specification 
Maximum Pressure See Abrasive Rate Chart for individual material specification 
Bearing Life Up to 15 years
Metal Gasket Diameter Up to 100 in
Rubber Gasket Thickness Up to .5 in
Non Asbestos and Metal Gasket Thickness Up to .25 in
Intended Applications
Deep Wells
Rotating Applications
Pulping Units
Piston Seals
Screw Conveyors
Wire Rope Sheaves
Sewage Treatment
Turbine Main Shaft
Vertical Pump
Additional Services Drawing
Reverse Engineering
Volume Prototype to Large Volume
Lead Time 1 day to 3 weeks
Same day possible if in stock

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